sam carpet python scarf

Yes – that’s me trying on a carpet python for size! I didn’t stop shaking for ages after I was so scared!


My name is Samantha and yes that is a carpet python not a scarf!

I have always wanted to write and travel. I have written extensively and published 100’s of articles on Ezine (mostly experiments with affiliate marketing). Written content for a variety of websites, product reviews and information (authority content). Recently, I discovered a travel website that pays for writers to describe their travel experiences.

Thanks to the friend who shared that post on Facebook!

So, not only am I a published writer but a freelance travel writer, wannabe photographer and I’m loving it!

For such a long time I have wanted to travel with my family. I have great memories of a childhood growing up with summer holidays and weekends on the beaches of Devon and Cornwall, UK. Of travelling with my school to Holland and France. Whilst at University in Manchester we would often jump on the plane to Dublin for the weekend just to drink Guinness! Cruise ships to Norway and Sweden from Newcastle. Nine months in Finland at the University studying Environmental Science and Forestry. A weekend in Estonia.

I emigrated to New Zealand after holidaying there for a month with my then partner (now husband) – we fell in love with Aotearoa “Land of the Long White Cloud”. Prior to starting our family we explored as far south as Invercargill in the south of the South Island to Nelson (the sunniest bit in the middle) across the Cook Strait by ferry and plane to Wellington and further North to Auckland.

We took in the Sounds in the south (Doubtful and Milford), Dunedin, the Caitlins, Lake Tekapo (got married in the Church of the Good Shepherd), Queenstown and more….including a most memorable experience abseiling into caves in Waitomo, the home of the fanous glow-worm caves.

We have lived all over mid-Canterbury and Banks Peninsula.


Stunning sunset from our Diamond Harbour house on Banks Peninsula

We moved over to Australia for four years and explored a little over there from Perth, Brisbane and Syndey to Gladstone and up to Airlie Beach. We visited stunning Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Gladstone, Queensland no less than 3 times!

Since starting our family our travels have not stopped!

We have flown them back to the United Kingdom a few times to visit family and friends. We have taken in the sights of Singapore, Malaysia (well Legoland and it was AWESOME!) and Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We have plans, big plans to travel more, maybe even long-term when our plans unfold as they should.

We are a homeschooling family of six who love adventures!

We have travelled for years including emigrating three times, from the United Kingdom to New Zealand and then from New Zealand to Australia and back to New Zealand!

We also have experiences of many countries in Europe including Scandinavia, a variety of destinations in the United Kingdom and the Mediterranean region as well as visits to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Norfolk Island (delightful honeymoon destination).

In the past 10 years we have added four children to our family unit and it has not stopped us travelling – just makes some things more challenging and others so much more interesting!

Travelling with children brings a whole new perspective to your destinations. When those children also have sensory issues (Aspergers) and food allergies and intolerances the challenges are very real for keeping them safe and happy whilst travelling.

We have plans to travel more frequently perhaps even long term so if you would like to follow our adventures please subscribe to my website to receive notification of lastest posts as I fill in travel gaps from our past destinations and update you with our current adventures.

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